Body Worn Cameras

Our Body Worn Cameras prioritize safety, accountability, and transparency for law enforcement, security, and various industries. Designed to be user-friendly and effective, they serve as a deterrent, capture reliable evidence, and promote officer accountability.
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Body Worn Cameras

In TeleScience Singapore, we carry cameras that are designed to ensure safety, accountability, and transparency. Our Body Worn Cameras are designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, security professionals, and various other industries, providing a reliable and effective solution for recording critical events in the field.

Professional Grade Protection and Monitoring 24/7

Our Body Camera Key Features


RadioCam T2

The RadioCam T2 is compact size, light weight, a good fit for radio remote speaker microphone (RSM). Furthermore, it can record video, audio and take photo as evidence during day and night.

T3 Body Cam

The camera features a compact size and is lightweight, It includes a magnet side to trigger video recording and a big round button for taking pictures.

T2L Body Cam

Lightweight and easy to operate. It can record key moments at all time, and a wealth of accessory solution can perfectly meet the need of any different scenario.


Integrated with Body Worn Camera, Push to Talk, and LTE live Streaming in one.

Docking Station DS-08 / DS-20

All in one solution, plug, and play feature. Docking station (8 slots) with built-in 4TB storage, LCD touch screen, it can connect to external keyboard and mouse.

CP680 Body Cam

Touch screen display 2″. Video, audio and photo recording (up to 32 MP, including GPS position, GLONASS and BEIDOU). Allows live video transmission. Two cameras, 140º field of view.

Why Choose TeleScience Singapore for Security & Monitoring?

Customer Support: Our team provides exceptional support and guidance, ensuring that your experience with our body cameras.
Customized & Tailored Solutions: We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, our solutions are tailored to match your specific requirements and challenges.
Innovation and Quality: We consistently strive to incorporate the latest technological advancements and maintain the highest quality standards in our products.

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