Privacy Policy


TeleScience Singapore Pte Ltd (“us’ or “we”) wish to assure you that we are committed to ensure that your personal data is protected and not misused.

By registering your interest with is or by transacting or interacting with us whether at our premise, phone call, website events, or otherwise, you consent to the collection, processing, use disclosure and retention (collectively knowns as “processing”) of your Personal Data by us an all persons involved in the provision of products or services by us.


This notice may be updated from time to time without prior notice to you. By continuing to communicate with us or by continuing to use our services following modifications, updates of amendments to this Notice, this shall signify your acceptance of such modification updates or amendments.

Collection of Personal Data

  1. “Your Personal Data” which we process may include information which you have previously provided us with or may subsequently provide to us concerning your particulars: Name, NRIC, telephone numbers, address, email address, name cards, Credit card/ATM card details, signatures, your images, or any other information provided by you.

  2. Information that relates to your transaction with us including invoices, booked services and correspondences.

  3. Information that relates to your visit or use of our websites and services, which includes IP addresses, cookies, browsing history

Purposes of Processing

Your personal data may be processed for the following purposes (where relevant):

  1. To respond to your queries or requests

  2. To process payments for purchase of our products or services

  3. To update you on any changes to our policies, terms and conditions and any other matters necessary or relevant to products and services provided to you

  4. To facilitate product recalls

  5. Any disputes, claims or investigations relating to product or warranty matters

  6. To provide marketing, advertising and promotional updates to our products and services

  7. For customer satisfaction surveys, profiling and analysing of product popularity and stability

  8. To monitor or improve our products or services provided to you

  9. To enable 3rd parties to provide services to you on behalf

  10. For verification of identities to allow provision of necessary services

  11. To enforce our legal and/or contractual rights

  12. To deter, detect and investigate crime (e.g. theft, fraud, corruption etc.)

  13. For any purposes that is incidental or ancillary to the above purposes

Access and Update of Personal Data

As long as your personal data is processed or being processed by us, you have a right to access or update your personal data. For access, please note that we may impose a fee, which will be communicated to you before any access. No fees will be charged to update your personal data.

Any request to access or update must be made in writing, we will carry out the necessary action within 14 days, unless:

– Information provided by you is incomplete or insufficient to facilitate such request

– Expense of providing access is disproportionate to your interests

– Access would disclose confidential commercial information

– Other individual’s personal data is likely to be revealed

– We are legally allowed to reject your request

Provision/Request of Personal Data on Behalf of Others

If you wish to provide/request personal data of another individual to/from us, you must present us consent that you have already obtained from that individual and evidence that you have notified him of the purpose before providing/requesting the personal data.

For such requests, we will process your own personal data for verification purposes, and may conduct verification checks with the concerned individual.

Data Security Policy

We endeavour to employ all reasonable means to protect your personal data. For personal data in physical form (e.g. paper documents), access will be on a “need to know” basis, and all physical personal data will be kept secured (e.g. locked cabinets).

For IT related security, there will be authentication procedures in place, the use of firewalls and storing in secured databases.

Withdrawal of Consent

You can request to stop receiving communication or services from us, or any other kind of processing. Such withdrawals of consent can be:

  • Partial (Example: individual requests that we stop processing a mobile number, but not email); or
  • Complete (Example: an individual request that we stop processing all personal data).

Consequences of Withdrawal of Consent

In the event you do not wish to consent to the processing of your personal data or wish to withdraw your consent, please note that we may not be able to (where relevant):

  1. Respond to your requests/queries

  2. Sell you any products or services

  3. Provide updates on any changes or notify matters necessary or relevant to products/services provided to you

  4. Provide warranty related services

  5. Start or continue business and commercial activities with you and/or your company

  6. Provide you details of our events

In addition, in the event that we are no longer permitted to process your personal data and as a result is unable to perform certain obligations and/or suffers any loss, damage, cost or expense, we may pursue legal recourse against you or your company (where applicable) at our sole discretion e.g. breach of contract.

Disclosure to Third Parties

In processing your personal data, we may disclose your personal data to the following third parties:

  1. Subsidiary entities

  2. Any person/organization to whom we are compelled to do so under the law

  3. Any contractor, agent, or third party that provides or assists or facilitates us in mailing services, product services and repairs, processing product purchases, financial services, audit services, administrative services, IT technologies (e.g. data storage, data security), security services, insurance claims

  4. Third parties that assist us in providing service/responses to you/your requests

Access/ Enquiries/ Requests/ Complaints

If you wish to send in any queries, requests or complaints please provide your contact details and also a concise description of your concerns to:

Email       :

Telephone: +65 6749 7878