Body Worn Cameras

Our Body Worn Cameras prioritize safety, accountability, and transparency for law enforcement, security, and various industries. Designed to be user-friendly and effective, they serve as a deterrent, capture reliable evidence, and promote officer accountability.

Network Visibility

Ensuring strong network visibility is essential to uphold the security, performance, and integrity of your infrastructure. It serves as the critical insight through which the entirety of your network activities can be observed, analyzed, and understood.

Cyber Security

At Telescience Singapore, we go beyond safeguarding your digital ecosystem by employing proactive threat intelligence and continuous innovation, ensuring that our cybersecurity solutions stay ahead of emerging threats, providing you with a resilient defense against the evolving challenges of the digital era.

3D Facial Scanner

In collaboration with Lumio 3D, our advanced facial scanner not only captures distinctive facial features for precise identification and authentication but also prioritizes user privacy through state-of-the-art encryption and data security measures, ensuring a seamless and secure experience.

Time Synchronization Server

Experience precision and reliability with our cutting-edge time server. Designed to meet the demanding needs of modern industries, our time server ensures accurate and synchronized timekeeping for a wide array of applications, networks, and devices worldwide.

Clocks Synchronization

Telescience Singapore transforms time accuracy with our cutting-edge synchronized clock systems, tailored for modern businesses. Experience seamless coordination, precision, and uniform timekeeping across multiple locations, setting new standards in efficiency.

Media Converters

Media Converters stand out as versatile and essential instruments. These compact devices function as crucial bridges, facilitating seamless data transmission between diverse networking technologies and across various media types.

GPS Source

Telescience Singapore is committed to pushing the boundaries of GPS technology, delivering cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse applications, ensuring optimal performance and unlocking new possibilities in navigation.