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Telescience Singapore dedicated to pioneer innovative GPS solutions that empower industries and individuals with unparalleled precision, reliability, and accuracy in navigation technology.

GPS Source Solution

At Telescience Singapore, we're dedicated to pioneering innovative GPS solutions that empower industries and individuals with unparalleled precision, reliability, and accuracy in navigation technology. With a relentless commitment to excellence, we provide cutting-edge GPS products and services tailored to meet diverse needs across various sectors.

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Our GPS Products & Services

Our GPS Testing, Propagation, and Reception for Commercial and Military Applications

Welcome to our suite of GPS solutions designed to address your specific needs, whether you’re operating in the commercial sector or require robust military-grade capabilities. Our expertise spans GPS testing, propagation analysis, and reception solutions, ensuring precision, reliability, and performance in any environment.

ASSURED POSITIONING, NAVIGATION & TIMING SYSTEMS Assured Positioning, Navigation & Timing (APNT) products represent the most advanced, cost effective and comprehensive solutions available on the market to support the Department of Defense’s GPS modernization efforts.
COMMERCIAL GPS COMPONENTS We offer a full line of Commercial GPS signal distribution products, GPS retransmission products and design services for GPS/GNSS infrastructure. The products are used in a variety of industries and applications – computer networks, test ranges, telecommunication base systems and more.
MILITARY GPS REPEATER KITS We offer GPS Repeater Kits designed for the military enabling GPS coverage within any ground vehicle, aircraft, or hanger. This provides Warfighters with satellite connectivity and situational awareness prior to dismounting a vehicle or exiting an aircraft.

GPS Accessories

Bias Tee

The GPS Bias Tee is used to supply a DC voltage to the center conductor of a coaxial cable. The bias tee is used to provide power to antennas, amplifiers and other RF networked devices.


Designed specifically for use in all L-Band channels of Global Navigation Satellite Systems, including GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS.

C21 Combiner

The C21 GPS Combiner is a two-input, one-output GPS device. This product typically finds application where two inputs from active GPS antennas is combined evenly into a single receiving GPS unit.

GPS Splitters

GPS 1x2 Standard Splitter (S12)

GPS Source Splitters makes it possible to use a single GPS antenna and cable for multiple GPS receiving devices.

GPS 1x4 Standard Splitter (S14)

The S14 GPS Splitter is a one-input, four-output GPS splitter device. The typical application for this splitter allows an active GPS roof antenna input which is then split evenly between four receiving GPS units.

GPS 1x4 Timing Splitter (S14GT)

Designed for all GNSS frequencies, the S14GT makes it possible to use a single GPS referencing antenna and cable arrangement for multiple synchronization systems.

GPS 1x8 Slimline Splitter (S18S-A)

The most common application is where the input from an active GPS roof antenna or GPS simulator is split to eight receiving GPS units. The S18 is available with more customizable options than any competitive product on the market.

Why Choose TeleScience Singapore for GPS Source?

Reliability: Our synchronized clock systems guarantee precise time synchronization, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring uniformity across all your devices
Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, our team delivers innovative solutions backed by expertise and a commitment to excellence
Scalability: Whether you have a single location or a global network, our systems are scalable to suit your needs, ensuring consistent and accurate timekeeping across all sites
Customization: Understanding unique client needs, we provide customizable GPS solutions tailored to specific requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency

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