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Telescience Singapore prioritize your digital safety and protection. With the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, our mission is to shield your business, data, and digital assets from malicious attacks.
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At Telescience Singapore, we prioritize your digital safety and protection. With the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, our mission is to shield your business, data, and digital assets from malicious attacks. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Our Cyber Security Solutions

Automated Human Risk Management – Social Engineering Platform

Use cases: Identify your staffs’ individual security blind spots and automate the fix with user-tailored training programmes.
  • Create user-tailored training programmes which includes simulator training, short videos, and questionnaire.
  • Allow users to report suspected phishing emails from their mailbox.
  • Monitor employee progress on security awareness perspective.
  • Create policy and keep staff updated with automatic policy updates.
  • Monitor the exposed email accounts.
  • Measure the impact of cyber awareness efforts with ongoing human risk scoring.
Key Features: Email security solution that provides organisation with the ability to perform the following:
  • Phishing: Phishing templates to simulate a phishing campaign through email (to gain visibility on the level of understand your users have towards phishing mails)
  • Learning: Educational videos available to provide users with learning materials to educate them on phishing attacks and phishing mails
  • Breaching: Identify and safeguard exposed employee email accounts over the internet
  • Policy Reporting: Simplify policies management and ensure user acknowledgement on company policies
  • Risk Score: Understand the organisation human cyber risk through individual risk scores
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Build38: Leading the Way in Mobile App Protection

In today’s mobile app protection ever-changing landscape, product managers, developers, security, and compliance officers face increasingly complex challenges and stringent regulations. At Build38, we understand the urgency to address these issues head-on.

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Next-Generation Firewall

In 2009, Gartner introduced the concept of the “Next-Generation Firewall” (NGFW) and suggested that firewalls must be updated to NGFWs to better defend against current and future cyber security threats. NGFWs not only provide the functionalities and features of traditional firewalls but also integrate application-layer security protection, visualization, and intelligence technologies.

Sangfor NGAF is acutting-edge NGFW that harnesses the power of innovative technologies.At its core lies Sangfor Engine Zero, a powerful AI-Enabled malware detection engine, and the Neural-X threat intelligence platform, ensuring the accurate detection of both known and unknown threats. Sangfor NGAFis the world’s first NGFW to integrate a web application firewall (WAF), providing both network and web application protection in the same appliance.Sangfor NGAF has been recognized as a “Visionary” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls and awarded the highest “Recommended” rating in the Cyber Ratings Enterprise Firewalls Test, demonstrating its proven ability to keep enterprise networks secure.

Endpoint Security Solution

Ransomware attacks pose a significant risk to business data and productivity. The majority of ransomware remains dormant and undetected for weeks or even months until they are activated. At this time, the infected hosts have their data encrypted, rendering it inaccessible and causing major business disruptions and financial losses. However, Gartner found that more than 90% of ransomware attacks can be prevented. It is crucial for organizations to take precautions and adopt best practices to minimize the likelihood of such attacks.

Telescience alongside Sangfor secures and offers a comprehensive solution that extends beyond mere defence against ransomware. It is a revolutionary endpoint security solution that covers the entire endpoint protection lifecycle, from asset and vulnerability management to real-time threat detection and automated response, ensuring that hidden risks are promptly remediated before they can be exploited. Engineered with purpose-built anti-ransomware capabilities, Endpoint Secure boasts the world’s first endpoint security solution featuring a ransomware honeypot (decoy systems), offering proactive defense against ransomware attacks.

Sangfor Internet Access Gateway (Secure Web Gateway)

The internet has become an indispensable platform for businesses, as an increasing number of critical applications and services are consumed online. However, along with the vast utility it provides, the Internet poses significant challenges to businesses. Preventing unauthorized endpoints, optimizing bandwidth consumption, protecting against data leakage, defending against malware, and ensuring internet access compliance while ensuring user experience and work efficiency are long-standing concerns for IT managers.

Sangfor Internet Access Gateway (IAG) is a comprehensive SWG solution designed to address these challenges. It enables granular control over internet access policies for users, user groups, and endpoints to control what websites, applications, and functions they can access. With this, businesses can block access to dangerous websites,prevent bandwidth abuse that deprives critical services of resources, and boost user productivity by restricting non-work-related traffic. With Sangfor IAG, administrators gain unparalleled visibility into user activities, enabling businesses to maintain a secure and compliant network environment.

Sangfor Cyber Command (Network Detection & Response)

Network Detection & Response (NDR) stands out due to its front-foot approach to network security. Unlike traditional security solutions like firewalls and IPS, which focus on preventing network breaches, NDR operates on the premise that a breach has already happened and that threats have infiltrated the organization’s network. NDR is designed with this concept in mind and adopts a proactive stance toward threat discovery and response

Sangfor Cyber Command is a best-in-class NDR solution that enhances security detection and response capabilities by monitoring internal network traffic, correlating security events from multiple sources, applying purpose-built AI models and behaviour analysis, and utilizing global threat intelligence. This solution is unique in that it identifies not only breaches of existing security controls and hidden threats within the network but also potential risks such as shadow IT, unpatched systems, and misconfigurations. The seamless integration with network and endpoint security solutions simplifies threat response, improves the administrator’s understanding of the overall threat landscape, and enables automated response to identified threats.

Stellar Cyber—What We Do

Stellar Cyber re-invents how lean security teams keep on-premises, cloud, and IT/OT environments secure. The Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform is uniquely designed to meet the needs of lean Enterprise and MSSP security teams, enabling them to produce consistent security outcomes with their existing staff. Packed with easy-to-use security features and intelligent automation, Stellar Cyber complements a security team’s human expertise, making it more productive and efficient.

Stellar Cyber — How We Do It

Unlike other SecOps platforms, which require expert security engineers to deploy and senior security analysts to fully utilize, the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform provides NG-SIEM, NDR, UEBA, SOAR, and TIP capabilities anyone can use. Powered by deep learning AI and an open integration architecture, it automatically correlates alerts, logs, and telemetry data, providing security analysts with the holistic view of threats they need to mitigate them quickly.

Why Customers Need the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform

Stellar Cyber integrates with all leading security, IT, and productivity products out of the box, including EDR tools. This enables MSSPs to grow their addressable market, and keeps Enterprise teams in control of their security investments.

Once integrated, Stellar Cyber automatically normalizes all data to produce comprehensive threat analysis and deliver context-enriched, correlated, prioritized, and investigation-ready security incidents. Using AI-driven investigation views, security analysts can quickly validate potential cyber threats and respond automatically from the Stellar Cyber platform. In addition, the platform incorporates other key capabilities such as:

  • Native multi-layer multi-tenancy
  • Automated threat hunting
  • Malware Sandbox analysis
  • Optimized big data querying
  • Dynamic reporting and dashboards

Stellar Cyber’s security experts back the Open XDR Platform to meet your security goals, ensuring optimal platform deployment and delivering the training your team needs to be successful.

With a straightforward, single-license model, the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform simplifies security operations.

Why Choose TeleScience Singapore for Cyber Security?

Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned cyber security professionals with extensive experience in safeguarding businesses across diverse industries.
Customized & Tailored Solutions: We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, our solutions are tailored to match your specific requirements and challenges.
Constant Innovation: We stay at the forefront of technological advancements and evolving threats to ensure that our clients are protected with the latest defences.
24/7 Monitoring(Remote and Onsite Management Support): Stay protected around the clock. We monitor your systems continuously to detect and address potential threats.

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