Profitap: Industrial Network Visibility and Cybersecurity in One Robust Solution

Posted on02/05/2021
The integration of advanced Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) networks, high tech automation, supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), and physical processes, are some of the main elements characterizing the 4th industrial revolution, better known as the Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT connects the physical machines and equipment in a factory, smart products, and the whole supply chain to the digital world of cloud, IoT devices, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Connectivity however opens to vulnerability issues like cyberthreats and operational incidents. 

The use of Internet Protocols networking in OT systems can open any industrial environment to network attacks, and can create backdoors into organizations’ enterprise IT networks, putting both electronic infrastructures and the information they contain at high risk. Managing these risks is complicated by the differing missions of the two systems, and the fact that most OT network environments and devices are not monitored directly by security personnel. Consequently, the Industrial Control System (ICS) networks are harder to monitor and secure as they are very diverse, and most of the time, they operate with an increased risk of industrial-specific vulnerabilities.

Common challenges in monitoring and securing OT and IT environments include:
  • Achieving real-time network monitoring
  • Managing cyber threats effectively
  • OT and IoT security in one place
  • Detecting networking and operational issues before they cause downtime
  • Preventing unplanned downtime due to equipment failure
  • Remote access control
  • Remote troubleshooting (intermittent) issues on hard-to-reach locations
  • Centralized automated governance of industry regulations for OT & IoT

The Solution

SCADAfence’s non-intrusive platform for deep packet inspection (DPI) together with Profitap’ s network test access points (TAPs) and Network Packet Brokers (NPB) solutions, work together to bring unprecedented network traffic visibility, security, asset inventory management in real-time and compliance to all OT & IoT industry regulations.

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Profitap develops and manufactures Copper and Fiber Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers and Portable Field Service Troubleshooters. These solutions are designed with the security, forensics, deep packet capture and network performance monitoring sectors in mind. Profitap network solutions help eliminate network downtime and add security to existing and new networks all over the world, assist in lawful interception applications and reduce network complexity. All of Profitap’s network monitoring tools are highly performant, secure and user-friendly, and provide complete visibility and access to your network, 24/7.
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