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Spirent Protecting Network Endpoints as Internet of Things (IoT) Growth Soars

Posted on09/11/2020

Security concerns about the IoT (Internet of Things) were already mushrooming, even before everyone started working from home.

Now everything is interconnected—from smartphones, laptops, and wearables to massive webs of industrial sensors to IT systems and clouds. How do you protect all those endpoints—and how do you protect corporate networks against infections they may be carrying?

Just looking at my own home—it’s a case study for the IoT explosion. When we had it remodeled last year, we turned it into a “smart home.” Practically everything in the house can now be activated remotely from a smart phone: lights, temperature, home security system, music, even the coffee maker. It’s convenient, it’s fun, but it also creates new remote-access security issues.

Multiply my situation times the millions of other people now working remotely, and all of the devices they’re now putting online, and you’ve got a huge endpoint security challenge. As an example, a friend told me not too long ago that he had over 100 IP addresses in his home alone all connecting to the internet for remote access – Wow!

The same exponential IoT growth is happening within companies. According to Gartner, utilities will be the highest user of IoT endpoints this year, followed by physical security (intrusion detection and indoor surveillance use cases), government, manufacturing and natural resources. Building automation, driven by connected lighting devices, will have the largest growth rate in 2020, followed by automotive and healthcare.

Ivn short, there’s an urgent need for better IoT security and more innovation in protecting endpoints. At Spirent, we are responding with a more evolved approach testing and security validation across the Lab and Live networks that include:

  • New endpoint security capabilities that can verify whether representative endpoint devices stop attacks, and which attacks emanating from endpoints can be mitigated by the security architecture. With Spirent’s CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment end-to-end security assessment and reporting brings real-life incidents and observations to protect your network endpoints and help close security gaps.
  • Comprehensive scanning, penetration testing, and monitoring services for IoT deployments from our SecurityLabs teams, building on our 20+ years of IoT experience.
  • New services from our Connected Devices team and Service Assurance and Analytics team help ensure that IoT security doesn’t sacrifice performance and that the user experience is excellent.

Spirent is the leading global provider of automated test and assurance solutions for networks, cybersecurity, and positioning.

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