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TCP Throughput Test with xGenius: RFC 6349

Posted on15/09/2020

Most data transfer applications are based on the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which are highly sensitive to transmission errors. Typical QOS tests like RFC 2544 and eSAM are more suitable for low latency, User Datagram Protocol (UDP) applications and can not provide sufficient results to ensure end-users’ satisfaction. RFC 6349 provides better test results with respect to user experience. Why RFC 6349 ? The purpose of the RFC 6349 is to help network administrators to deal with issues that are related to TCP transmission in delay sensitive networks. Given the transmission bandwidth and the Round Trip Time (RTT), there is a minimum window size that ensures data transfer occurs without interruptions. This minimum window size is the Bandwidth-Delay Product (BDP). What is RFC 6349 ? The RFC 6349 test is made up of three different tests Baseline RTT test: Defined by the delay associated to the network under test when it is not experiencing congestion Window sweep test: Measures the TCP throughput for different window sizes smaller or equal to the BDP TCP throughput test: Measures TCP protocol in terms of throughput, efficiency and Buffer Delay for a BDP window The xGenius RFC 6349 Test xGenius has the ability to generate TCP flows to verify the protocol performance in terms of the metrics defined in standard RFC 6349. Users have control on how the TCP traffic is generated, the metrics to be evaluated and the performance thresholds required to declare a Pass or Fail. Other features including:

  • Modes: active (client), passive (server)
  • ALBEDO / IPerf3 endpoints in client mode
  • Configurable MTU, MSS and Bottleneck Bandwidth (BB)
  • Up to eight numbers of TCP flows
  • Round-Trip Time (RTT)
  • Window Sweep at 25 / 50 / 75 / 100% of BDP size
  • Transfer Time Ratio, TCP Efficiency, Buffer Delay
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