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Spirent SimSAFE GNSS Spoofing Simulation & Monitoring

Posted on15/10/2020

Simulation Tool for GNSS Threat Analysis and Mitigation Techniques The SimSAFE software tool controls Radio Frequency Constellation Simulator (RFCS) hardware in order to emulate signal spoofing attacks and test receiver mitigation techniques. SimSAFE allows flexibility in the attack scenario definition and test of interference detection techniques. The tool can be integrated into existing radio navigation testing laboratories, in order to leverage existing hardware such as signal simulators, interference generators and hardware GNSS receivers. The Spirent simulators are controlled by SimSAFE, and generate all the desired signal simulation scenarios. SimSAFE also monitors the output of attacked receivers and implements detection algorithms. Post-processing tools permit the evaluation of spoofing detection techniques based on observable signal parameters. The tool allows for scalable and flexible testing using techniques that could not, for example, be supported by existing hardware and software. SimSAFE represents an innovative approach to the simulation of spoofing attacks, and testing of anti-spoofing detection and mitigation techniques, and signal authentication schemes. SimSAFE permits maximum flexibility, minimum cost and risk, and the opportunity to leverage existing Spirent simulation equipment. Features:

  • Accurate synchronization of simulator time with live sky GNSS time
  • Generates single channel spooler or multiple channel spooler with desired dynamics
  • Synchronization of falsified signal code, power and Doppler
  • Supports replay attack via real-time replica of authentic GNSS navigation messages
  • Supports analysis from different mass market and professional receivers
  • Detection of false signals based on receiver observables

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