About Us

A leading ICT equipment and solutions provider in the industry with over 30 years of history

Established in January 1990 with a paid up capital of 1.5m dollars, TeleScience is a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment and solutions provider in the telecoms & networking industry.

We provide pre-sales and post-sales support for semi-turnkey and turnkey projects around design, consultancy, installation, network health-check and project management.
Telescience Singapore is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we explore solutions and understand our customers’ needs.
Live Stream From Any Mobile and Lifetime Guarantee
Alerts, Schedules, Automations and All Smart Controls
Professional Grade Protection and Monitoring 24/7

To be a leading provider of innovative and reliable solutions with advanced technology and our commitment to excellence and integrity.

To be among the leaders in the ICT industry by relentlessly pursuing innovation, embracing diversity, and fostering meaningful connections. We envision a world transformed by state of the art technology where every stakeholder / partner /customer experiences are impactful and sustainable.

Notable Achievements

To date, Telescience has completed several million-dollar projects of various natures.

2020 onwards

Supply of a large quantity of synchronised time servers to Singtel, MINDEF, MHA, Govtech, M1 thru various system integrators like ST Engineering, NCS, PCS, NEC, Ericsson, etc.. amounting to more than several million dollars in total.
Regular supply of media converters to several Enforcement Agencies thru Singtel/ST Engineering/NCS for the nationwide CCTV project exceeding 10,000 units and growing.
Supply of a large quantity of transmission equipment to MINDEF for her private networks.
Supply of Ethernet demarcation and IP conversion equipment to Singtel for their MEF/MPLS/SDH networks.

2011 - 2019

Supply of demarcation devices to Singtel for their MEF/MPLS network.
Awarded a project by SingTel for pseudowire equipment for their carrier Ethernet network.
Supply of data tapping and filtering devices to Ericsson and Polystar for SingTel mobile networks monitoring.

2001 - 2010

Supply of telecom equipment for the Youth Olympic Games.
Supply of TDM to IP conversion products to StarHub.
Term contract to supply SingTel with MetroEthernet products.
Supply and commission of network time servers and ethernet extenders for Resort World of Singapore (RWS).
Supply and commission of 3G network monitoring tools to Ericsson, SingTel, M1.
Supply and commission of network time servers and clocks to various hospitals and airport terminals.
Extended contract for supply of MetroEthernet equipment for SingTel Megapop services.
Supply of hydrogen maser tube to SPRING for national reference clock source and R&D purposes.